• How to Get There: From San Diego to Tijuana

    (Highlighting medical tourism in the Baja region) This guide is for United States citizens who wish to cross to Tijuana and back for the first time, with the purpose of receiving medical attention. As the world’s most visited border city, and a prime example of excellent medical care and medical tourism, it has become easy […]

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  • Post-Surgery Dietary Indications

    Healing adequately after surgery requires an uplifted state of mind, moderate exercise to regain movement as quickly as possible, and, to make the process not only faster, but much better as well, a balanced diet that not only contains a variety of nutrients, but that also stresses certain vitamins and minerals that aid in the […]

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  • Hospital Ángeles Tijuana: La Modernidad en la Medicina

    Las instalaciones del Hospital Ángeles Tijuana, desde su incepción en el año 2005, han otorgado un espacio para la reunión de médicos de diversas ramas de la medicina en un centro de salud dirigido al paciente con el más alto nivel de profesionalismo de la ciudad. Equipado con la última tecnología médica, el establecimiento de […]

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